Boat Race Books Gallery

  • Early and out of print works
    Early and out of print works

    The Boat Race has been meticulously recorded however most of the early works and some more recent are understandably out of print, these include:

    1870: Oxford and Cambridge Boat Races by WF MacMichael

    1883: Record of the University Boat Race by GGT Treharne & JHD Goldie

    1929: The University Boat Race Official Centenary History by GC Drinkwater & TRB Sanders

    1959: The Oxford & Cambridge Boat Race 1829-1953 by RD Burnell

    1979: One Hundred and Fifty Years of The Boat Race by RD Burnell

    1983: The Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race by Christopher Dodd

    Christopher Dodd's 1983 book
  • True Blue by Dan Topolski & Patrick Robinson
    True Blue by Dan Topolski & Patrick Robinson

    Dan Topolski had already written a book about his long coaching career The Oxford Revival prior to the 1987 Boat Race. However his incendiary account of the 'mutiny' of that year in True Blue remains controversial.

    British Olympic champion oarsman Martin Cross describes the book as "... one of the most entertaining (if not wholly accurate) sports books ever written ..."

    Alison Gill, an Oxford oarswoman at the time of the mutiny, wrote The Yanks at Oxford, a book that attempted to counter the perceived bias in Topolski's account.

    The book inspired a 1996 film of the same name.

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    Dan Topolski's True Blue, a riveting account of the 1987 mutiny
  • Battle of the Blues: The Oxford & Cambridge Boat Race  from 1829 by Christopher Dodd & John Marks
    Battle of the Blues: The Oxford & Cambridge Boat Race from 1829 by Christopher Dodd & John Marks

    Written by historian and rowing journalist Chris Dodd and Boat Race archivist Prof. John Marks to coincide with the 175th anniversary, Battle of the Blues builds on Dodd's previous works and provides essays from Boat Race specialists.

    Exploring the history of the race with images from The Thomas E Weil Collection, the book looks at topics as diverse as boat building, the role of the umpire, broadcasting and Boat Race imagery alongside detailed accounts of each era.

    Contributors include Dan Topolski, Mike Sweeny, Duncan Clegg, Hugh Matheson and Hugn Laurie.

    Battle of the Blues comes with a CD of Boat Race data and is available from The River & Rowing Museum.

    Battle of the Blues published to celebrate the 175th anniversary of The Boat Race
  • Blood Over Water by David & James Livingston
    Blood Over Water by David & James Livingston

    Published in 2009 and widely regarded as one of the best books ever written about rowing Blood Over Water tells the story of the 2003 Boat Race; written by the two brothers who found theselves in opposing crews.

    With their family relationship tested to breaking point the book provides a fascinating insight into the darker side of sibling rivalry while detailing the motivation, training and suffering it takes to win The Boat Race.

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    The Livingstons' brilliant account of the 2003 Boat Race
  • What it Takes by Julian Andrews
    What it Takes by Julian Andrews

    Julian Andrews, a professional photographer followed the Oxford and Cambridge squads for several months in the build-up to the 2004 Race, often living with them for days at a time. His beautiful collection of photographs capture their lives both on and off the water as they strive to win a place in their respective crews.

    His pictures capture the stories of tension and pain, of winning and losing, and giving your all in order to be successful. The intensity climaxes with the Boat Race itself, with the eyes of the world watching. Emotions are etched on the faces of the rowers and frozen forever in this stunning collection of photographs, celebrating the 150th Oxford v Cambridge Boat Race.

    What it Takes is published by Third Millennium Books

    What it Takes To Earn Your Place copyright Julian Andrews
  • The Last Amateurs: To Hell and Back with the Cambridge Boat Race Crew by Mark de Rond
    The Last Amateurs: To Hell and Back with the Cambridge Boat Race Crew by Mark de Rond

    Having been given unprecedented access to a University rowing squad as it prepares to meet the challenge of the Boat Race, Oxford-educated ethnographer and Cambridge Don Mark de Rond has written a revealing account of his experience with the Cambridge crew of 2007. 

    In The Last Amateurs, De Rond spends a year witnessing the blood, sweat and tears of the 39 Cambridge student athletes striving for a chance to race Oxford and records how they either progressed or were rejected for a coveted place in the Blue boat. Among those who feature prominently in the book is Tom James, the Light Blue President that year who won an Olympic Gold medal in Beijing.

    Mark de Rond's fascinating account of life with the 2007 Cambridge squad