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Cambridge Announces Trial VIIIs Crews

Cambridge Announces Trial VIIIs Crews
17th Dec 2013

The two crews that will race in the Cambridge University Boat Club Trial VIIIs have been announced.

The Cambridge squad will face off against each other in a simulation of The BNY Mellon Boat Race tomorrow, in two crews that may prove to be a tongue-twister for Umpire Richard Phelps, Sea Shells and She Sells. The Trial VIIIs are the only occasion during the season that the squad members race side-by-side for the entire four and a quarter miles of the Championship Course, making this a key learning experience for athletes and coxes, as well as an intense selection test.

The two returning Cambridge Blues in this year's squad both feature in Sea Shells, with President Steve Dudek and five time triallist Mike Thorp, who won The 2012 Boat Race together, combining once more. Their opposition, She Sells, is not without experience though, with 2013 Goldie crew members Joshua Hooper and Alexander Leichter on board. Both crews will be stroked by Americans in their first Boat Race season - Luke Juckett in Sea Shells and Henry Hoffstot in She Sells. Taking charge in the coxing seats will be first time triallist, Ian Middleton, and 2013 Blondie cox, Arav Gupta.

The full crew lists are as follows:


Bow: Chris Black

2: Carlos Schuster

3: Jason Lupatkin

4: Helge Gruetjen

5: Steve Dudek

6: Mike Thorp

7: Angus Knights

Stroke: Luke Juckett

Cox: Ian Middleton


Bow: Felix Newman

2: Ricardo Herreros-Symons

3: Florian Herbst

4: Alexander Leichter

5: Ivo Dawkins

6: Matthew Jackson

7: Joshua Hooper

Stroke: Henry Hoffstot

Cox: Arav Gupta

For live updates throughout the day and the trial tomorrow, follow @theboatrace on Twitter. A full race report will be posted on The Boat Race website later the same day.