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Fixtures Announced

Fixtures Announced
30th Jan 2015

In the final preparations for The BNY Mellon Boat Races, each of the four clubs will pit themselves against some of the best domestic and international competition.  This will give racing experience to the Blue Boat and Reserve Crew line-ups, aid the coaches in finalising selection difficulties and fuel anticipation of this year’s Races on April 11th.  

Whilst some fixture details are to be confirmed, CUWBC made an early start to their fixtures, defeating Newcastle University on Saturday 24th January across three pieces.  Newcastle won gold in the Championship Eights event at the British Universities Championships (BUCS) in 2015.  On March 8th CUWBC will take on Imperial College BC and look to bed-in their racing line-up.

The next to begin their fixtures are OUWBC, who will take on Molesey BC on February 22nd, a re-run of a fixture prior to The 2014 Newton Women’s Boat Race in which they came out on top.  OUWBC are also racing Imperial a month later on March 22nd.

CUBC will race a crew representing the Netherlands on March 21st.  Details of the individuals who shall be racing are yet to be confirmed, but this looks to be a good test prior to The BNY Mellon Boat Race.  By this stage CUBC will have already raced Molesey, with Goldie taking on Upper Thames RC (March 15th) and Thames RC (March 21st) in race-preparation.

OUBC have so far only finalised details for one fixture for each of their crews, with their Blue Boat line-up similarly taking on Molesey on March 21st.  Isis are due to race Imperial on March 22nd.


22nd February

OUWBC vs Molesey 2pm

8th March

CUWBC vs Imperial 1:30pm

15th March

Goldie vs Upper Thames 4:14pm

CUBC vs Molesey 4:45pm

OUBC vs TBC (time tbc)

21st March

Goldie vs Thames RC 1pm

OUBC vs Molesey BC 1:15pm

CUBC vs Netherlands Crew 1:30pm (time tbc)

22nd March

Isis vs Imperial 12:30pm

OUWBC vs Imperial 2pm

*Media Fixtures in bold

The BNY Mellon Boat Races will take place on April 11th 2015.  The BNY Mellon Boat Race and The Newton Women's Boat Race will begin at 5.50pm and 4.50pm respectively.

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