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Crews Announced for The Newton Women's Boat Race Trial Eights

Crews Announced for The Newton Women's Boat Race Trial Eights
9th Dec 2015

Ahead of the Trial Eights races tomorrow, both OUWBC and CUWBC have announced their crews.

CUWBC will race first at 11:05, with crews 'Tideway' vs 'Twickenham' taking on the Championship Course, the names celebrating the new locations of both The Women's Boat Race and, from this year, the Women's Varsity Match.  President Hannah Roberts will sit at 5 in 'Twickenham' and will be alongside 2015 Blues Ashton Brown and Rosemary Ostfeld.  Daphne Martschenko, also returning from The Newton Women's Boat Race last year, will stroke 'Tideway', coxed by former St. Paul's Girls' School student Olivia Godwin.

Racing at 12:20, OUWBC will see 'Charybdis' vs 'Scylla', names taken from Greek mythology, where 'being between Scylla and Charbdis' is to be choosing between two evils.  President Maddy Badcott will be in the stroke seat of Charybdis, steered by GB U23 cox Morgan Baynham-Williams.  Opposite them in Scylla will be Lauren Kedar and 2015 President Anstasia Chitty who between them have won five Women's Boat Races.

The crews:

11:05 CUWBC


Bow) Kate Baker

2) Evelyn Boettcher

3) Rachel Elwood

4) Alice Jackson

5) Lucy Pike

6) Alexandra Wood

7) Thea Zabell

Stroke) Daphne Martschenko

Cox) Olivia Godwin


Bow) Dorottya Nagy

2) Imogen Grant

3) Ashton Brown

4) Sarah Carlotti

5) Hannah Roberts

6) Fiona Macklin

7) Caroline Habjan

Stroke) Myriam Goudet

Cox) Rosemary Ostfeld

12:20 OUWBC


Bow) Georgie Daniell

2) Christina Fleischer

3) Lara Pysden

4) Emma Spruce

5) Ruth Siddorn

6) Elo Luik

7) Kate Erickson

Stroke) Maddy Badcott

Cox) Morgan Baynham-Williams


Bow) Issy Dodds

2) Merel Lefferts

3) Elettra Ardissino

4) Rebecca Te Water Naude

5) Anastasia Chitty

6) Joanne Jansen

7) Lauren Kedar

Stroke) Emma Lukasiewicz

Cox) Antonia Stutter

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