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Crews announced for Oxford Trial Eights

Crews announced for Oxford Trial Eights
29th Nov 2016

Oxford have confirmed the line-ups for their Trial Eights crews. 

Racing on Wednesday 30th November, Oxford University Women's Boat Club will race first at 12:00pm, with Oxford University Boat Club following at 1:15pm on the equivalent Boat Race tide.

This is the only opportunity either side have to race the full course from Putney to Mortlake with the Race Umpires, so provides an important test for rowers and coxes alike; and allows both sets of coaching teams to analyse the progression and potential.

The first Trial Eights race was staged by Oxford 152 years ago in 1859 and Cambridge joined the tradition three years later in 1862.

The crews for this year’s Oxford Trial Eights are as follows:



Stroke: Pickles

7: Chloe Laverack

6: Abigail Killen

5: Rebecca Te Water Naude

4: Alice Roberts

3: Kelly Hazejager

2: Isobell Dodds

Bow: Imogen Cowley

Cox: Clarissa Coveney



Stroke: Jenna Hebert

7: Harriet Austin

6: Annie Taylor

5: Emily Cameron

4: Julia James

3: Elettra Ardissino

2: Jenny Tran

Bow: Lise Du Buisson

Cox: Eleanor Shearer



Stroke: Jamie Cook 

7: Matthew O’Leary

6: Olivier Siegelaar

5: Michael DiSanto

4: Achim Harzheim

3: Jorgen Tveit

2: Jake Cushnie

Bow: Benedict Aldous

Cox: Sam Collier


NAME OF BOAT: 'Daniel' 

Stroke: Vassilis Ragoussis

7: George McKirdy

6: Joshua Bugajski

5: William Warr

4: Dusan Milovanovic

3: Oliver Cook 

2: William Cahill

Bow: Claas Mertens

Cox: Victoria Warner

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