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Cambridge Trial Eights

Cambridge Trial Eights
11th Dec 2016

Cambridge have confirmed the line-ups for their Trial Eights crews. 

Racing on Monday 12th December Cambridge University Women’s Boat Club will race first at 09.50 with Cambridge University Boat Club following at 11.00 on the equivalent Boat Race tide.

This is the only opportunity either side have to race the full course from Putney to Mortlake with the Race Umpires, so provides an important test for rowers and coxes alike; and allows both sets of coaching teams to analyse the progression and potential.

The first Trial Eights race was staged by Oxford 152 years ago in 1859 and Cambridge joined the tradition three years later in 1862.

The crews for this year’s Cambridge Trial Eights are as follows:


NAME OF BOAT: ‘Hallam’ (A)

Stroke: Alice White

7: Holly Hill
6: Melissa Wilson
5:Lucy Pike
4:Kirsten van Fossen
3: Ashton Brown
2:Fanny Belais
Bow: Brittany Presten

Cox: Matthew Holland

NAME OF BOAT: ‘Needs’ (B)

Stroke: Imogen Grant
7: Myriam Goudet
6: Anna Dawson
5:Claire Lambe
4:Oonagh Cousins
3: Paula Wulff
2:Emma Andrews
Bow: Tricia Smith

Cox: Evie Lindsay



Stroke: Freddie Davidson
7:Ben Ruble
6:Tim Tracy
5:Charlie Fisher
4:Peter Rees
3:Simon Buechele
2:Patrick Elwood
Bow: Felix Newman

Cox: Ian Middleton


Stroke: Henry Meek

7: Piers Kasas
6: Sash Maolwany
5: Robin Ponte
4: Jim Letten
3: Sam Ringer
2: Sam Wilson
Bow: Louis Margot

Cox: Hugo Ramambason

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