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2017 Boat Race Club Fixtures Confirmed

2017 Boat Race Club Fixtures Confirmed
27th Jan 2017

The official 2017 Boat Race Fixtures have been confirmed for the season. 

The fixtures provide vital opportunities for The Boat Race squads to practice racing on the Tideway. In the months leading up to The Boat Races each of the Blue Boats and reserve crews will hold private matches against some of the best academic and club crews.


These races offer the coaches a final chance to make adjustments to their crew line-ups and to give the crews themselves additional racing training. It is rare for these matches to be over the whole Championship Course, instead the crews normally race two or three short pieces against each other, for example from Putney to Hammersmith.


This year the fixtures will take place on the following dates.

Sunday 29th January       

  • CUBC vs Oxford Brookes - 14.00

Sunday 19th February    

  • OUWBC vs Oxford Brookes - 15.00
  • CUWBC vs UL - 16.00

Sunday 26th February    

  • OUBC vs Oxford Brookes – 15.00

Sunday 5th March            

  • CUWBC vs TBC – 16.00

Saturday 18th March       

  • OUBC vs Leander – 15.20
  • CUBC vs International Crew – 16.10

Sunday 19th March          

  • OUWBC vs Molesey – 16.00  


Full fixture dates including the reserve crews, can be found here 

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