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OUBC vs Oxford Brookes Crew List Announced

OUBC vs Oxford Brookes Crew List Announced
24th Feb 2017

The crew list for Sunday's official fixture between OUBC & Oxford Brookes has been announced. 

Blue Boat:

8 Vassilis Ragoussis (stroke)

7 James Cook 

6 Mike DiSanto

5 Olivier Siegelaar

4 Josh Bugajski

3 Oliver Cook 

2 Matthew O’Leary 

1 William Warr (Bow)

Sam Collier (Cox)

Oxford Brookes 1st 

8 Jamie Stanhope (stroke)

7 Henry Swarbrick

6 Morgan Bolding

5 Michael Glover

4 Rory Gibbs

3 Richard Hawkins

2 Robbie Massey

1 Jamie Copus (bow)

Harry Brightmore (Cox)

The race will take place at 13.00 and will be umpired by John Garrett. 

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