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Oxford Draw First Blood In Tideway Tussle

Oxford Draw First Blood In Tideway Tussle
12th Nov 2012

In the first Tideway racing of The 2012-13 BNY Mellon Boat Race season, it was the Dark Blue crews who came out on top, although competition between the two Men’s squads was close.

Isis II, featuring President Alex Davidson, Blue Olympian Constantine Louloudis and Canadian Olympic silver medallist Malcolm Howard won the Elite Coxed Four category, coming 7th overall. They were chased all the way to Putney by Cambridge I, featuring 2012 Blues Niles Garratt, Alexander Scharp and Steve Dudek, and Blue Olympian George Nash, which finished 5 seconds behind their Oxford rivals. Their respective times were 18:26.0 and 18:31.2.

Competition was even tighter between the second fours, with Cambridge II triumphing by just 2 seconds over Isis III, to come third and fourth respectively in the Elite Coxed Four category. There were plenty of other Dark and Light Blues category victors, with Isis I winning the Elite Coxless Fours, Cambridge IV winning the IM1 Coxless Fours, Cambridge IV winning the IM2 Coxed Fours and Isis IV winning the IM1 Coxed Fours. Full results are listed below.

With Osiris I and III racing time only, it was harder to compare the two squads for The 2013 Newton Women’s Boat Race as there were no rankings for the OUWBC crews. However, they too got the better of their Light Blue counterparts based on timings. Osiris I completed the course in the fastest time of the day by a Women's Coxed Four, in 20:41.3. CUWBC I raced hard in the W IM1 Coxless Fours division to finish in 6th place. In the W IM2 Coxed Fours, the fastest finishing CUWBC crew came fourth, with a time of 21:14.2.

Full results for both Oxbridge Men’s and Women’s squads are listed below. For overall results, please go to



Elite 4+

1. Isis II – 18:26.0

2. Cambridge University I – 18:31.2

3. Cambridge University II – 18:46.4

4. Isis III – 18:48.8

7. Cambridge University III – 19:05.4


Elite 4-

1. Isis I – 18:44.3


IM1 4-

1. Cambridge University IV – 18:52.1


IM2 4+

1. Cambridge University VI – 19:18.2


IM1 4+

1. Isis IV – 19:36.2

7. Isis V – 20:01.8







W IM1 4-

6. Cambridge University Women I – 21:40.5


W IM2 4+

4. Cambridge University Women III – 21:14.2

6. Cambridge University Women V – 21:35.3

16. Cambridge University Women II – 22:08.8


Osiris I, Osiris III and Cambridge University Women IV raced for Time Only.

Osiris I - 20:41.3

Osiris III - 20:54.3

Cambridge University Women IV - 22:16.4