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Club Fixtures 2012 Boat Race Season

Club Fixtures 2012 Boat Race Season
24th Feb 2012

Confirmed fixture dates for the 2012 Boat Race Season. Full Race reports will be available on the website following each fixture.

Date  Time Club Fixture
Sun 26.2.12 1500 Isis Imperial BC
Sun 26.2.12 1530 OUBC German Crew
Sat 10.3.12 1345 Goldie Leander
Sat 10.3.12 1415 CUBC Leander
Sun 11.3.12 1430 Isis UL BC
Sun 11.3.12 1445 OUBC Molesey BC
Sat 24.3.12 1400 Isis TSS
Sat 24.3.12 1430 OUBC Leander
Sun 25.3.12 1450 Goldie Molesey BC
Sun 25.3.12 1520 CUBC Molesey BC

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