Race reports

  • One Day, Two Races2015

    One Day, Two Races

    The Women's Boat Race moved to race alongside The Boat Race for the first time in its history. Read more

  • Oxford win after clash before Hammersmith Bridge2014

    Oxford win after clash before Hammersmith Bridge

    In another moment of controversy the 2014 BNY Mellon Boat Race saw Oxford romp away to one of the biggest margins of victory in recent years. Read more

  • Dark Blue Clean Sweep2013

    Dark Blue Clean Sweep

    In this, the 159th Boat Race and the first sponsored by BNY Mellon, the weather was in stark contrast to the majority of the previous month and while still cold with a few light flurries of snow there was only a light SE wind, making for excellent racing conditions. Read more

  • Probably the most dramatic Boat Race ever2012

    Probably the most dramatic Boat Race ever

    A Race riven with controversy. It was tight between the crews with neither able to gain an advantage, when shortly after Chiswick Steps a swimmer appeared between the boats forcing a rare Boat Race stoppage.  Read more

  • A decade of close races2001 - 2011

    A decade of close races

    The decade to 2011 saw a succession of close or controversial races as the two crews have matched each other in fitness and technique. While Cambridge have had decisive wins it is Oxford who have come out on top, winning 7 of the 11 races. Read more

  • Professionalism arrives1976 - 2000

    Professionalism arrives

    The mid seventies saw the start of an Oxford dominance that saw 16 wins in 17 years, followed in the early nineties by a sustained period of Cambridge success. The period also saw the first female coxes and technological changes. Read more

  • Post war and the arrival of television1946 - 1975

    Post war and the arrival of television

    Following the war and up until 1975 neither university dominated the race, sharing short winning streaks, but with Cambridge slightly more successful.  Read more

  • Light Blue domination1920 - 1939

    Light Blue domination

    In the 20 years from the resumption of the race after the Great War in 1920 to the start of the 1939-1945 war, Oxford won only three times. In 1930 Cambridge regained their overall lead, lost in 1863 and have not lost it since. Read more

  • Eton oarsmen to the fore1884 - 1914

    Eton oarsmen to the fore

    Eton oarsmen dominated the late 19th century races, especially at Oxford, however it was Cambridge who ended the pre-war period more successfully, following a number of notable races and no little controversy. Read more

  • Start of the annual race1856 - 1883

    Start of the annual race

    1856 was the first in what was to become an uninterrupted series of annual races, save the gaps during the two world wars. As ever the races of this period had their share of controversy. Read more

  • Early races1830 - 1855

    Early races

    Following the first race in Henley in 1829 the next twenty five years only saw irregular races on different courses in London. Read more

Race Reports

Race Reports
Read more about the Race's fascinating history. Read more


The Race's history is punctuated by controversial moments. Read more.