Everything you need to know about the first livestreamed fixture of 2023

Watch CUBC take on University of London and the Dutch National Team in a series of exciting races on Sunday 5 February.

Enjoy all the action LIVE on YouTube or join us at London Rowing Club from 10am-3pm to watch the races on the big screen and enjoy some refreshments.
If you choose to watch in person, you will also be able to watch Isis take on Imperial and spot CUBC lightweight fixtures against Imperial and University of London. Please note that these fixtures are not livestreamed)

Dress in your club colours! ALL WELCOME
Address: London Rowing Club, 7 Putney Embankment, SW15 1L

Race Schedule

11:20 ‘Isis’ v Imperial (will not be livestreamed)
Umpire: TBC

12:00 Cambridge Women v University of London (livestreamed in full)
Umpire: Matt Smith

12:20 ‘Blondie’ v University of London (partially livestreamed)
Umpire: Caroline Lytton

12:45 ‘Goldie’ v University of London (partially livestreamed)
Umpire: Clare Harvey

13:10 Cambridge Men v Dutch National Team (livestreamed in full)
Umpire: Tony Reynolds


Click here for headshots Schedule is subject to change


12:00 Cambridge Women v University of London
Umpire: Matt Smith
(livestreamed in full)

CUBC Women
Bow: Alex Riddell-Webster (Murray Edwards)
2: Rosa Millard (Trinity Hall)
3: Carina Graf (Emmanuel)
4: Jenna Armstrong (Jesus)
5: Freya Keto (St. Edmund’s)
6: Isabelle Bastian (Jesus)
7: Gemma King (St. John’s)
Str: Caoimhe Dempsey (Newnham)
Cox: James Trotman (Sidney Sussex)

UL Women 1st 8
Bow: Selena Jones
2: Trudie Marks
3. Esme Jones
4: Iona Dixon
5: Georgie Robinson Ranger
6: Emily Lindberg
7: Phoebe Snowden
Str: Jessie Martin
Cox Darcy Birkett

12:20 ‘Blondie’ v University of London
Umpire: Caroline Lytton
(partially livestreamed)

CUBC ‘Blondie’
Bow: Janeska de Jonge (King’s)
2: Lucy Havard (Gonville and Caius)
3: : Beth Taylor (Newnham)
4: Carys Earl (Gonville and Caius)
5: Jessica Spain (Queens’)
6: Nicky Wojtania (Churchill)
7: Iris Powell (Churchill)
Str: Hanna Prince (Newnham)
Cox: Kate Crowley (Sydney Sussex)

UL Women 2nd 8
Bow: Katherine Mercer
2: Ellen Grimes
3: Giselle Coulter
4: Morgan Morrison
5: Tilly Ollerenshaw
6: Georgie Banton
7: Denise Martin Van Meurs
Str: Ife Dombrowsky
Cox: Annika Hanson

12:45 ‘Goldie’ v University of London
Umpire: Clare Harvey
(partially livestreamed)

CUBC ‘Goldie’
Bow: George Hawkswell (Gonville & Caius)
2: Orlando Morley (Girton)
3: Thomas Marsh (St. John’s)
4: Dan Toy (Gonville & Caius)
5: Reef Boericke (Gonville & Caius)
6: Cameron Spiers (Downing)
7: Luke Beever (Emmanuel)
Str: Sean Hayes (Jesus)
Cox: Ollie Boyne (Downing)

UL Mens 1st 8
Bow: Hugo Oglina
2: Joe Trevor
3: Joe Middleton
4: Tristan Wiese
5: Henry Marles
6: George Lauchlan
7: Tom Cross
Str: Josh Burke
Cox. Costanza Giovene

13:10 Cambridge Men v Dutch National Team
Umpire: Tony Reynolds
((livestreamed in full)

Bow: Nick Mayhew (Peterhouse)
2: Matt Edge (St. Catharine’s)
3: Brett Taylor (Queens’)
4: Thomas Lynch (Hughes Hall)
5: Seb Benzecry (Jesus)
6: Noam Mouelle (Hughes Hall)
7: Luca Ferraro (King’s)
Str: Ollie Parish (Peterhouse)
Cox: Jasper Parish (Clare)

Dutch Men’s Team
Bow: Lucas Keijzer
2: Daan Vos de Wael
3: Wibout Rustenburg
4: Olav Molenaar
5: Gert-Jan van Doorn
6: Wietse Morreau
7: Eli Brouwer
Str: Pieter van Veen
Cox: Sara Kalf