Fulham Reach’s relationship with The Boat Race dates back to 2016. The funding has enabled Fulham Reach Boat Club to offer underrepresented young rowers free membership to the club during 2021-2022 academic year.

Young people on free school meals living in West London took part in free community courses in the Easter and Summer holidays. Thanks to these courses, 31 young people learned how to row. Following their graduation from the programme, these young people came back to join the club for the next year.

The young people represent one of the 14 local partner secondary schools. Within these schools every child in Year 9 and above has the opportunity to try rowing. We wholeheartedly support the FRBC vision, Rowing for All. Becoming part of this thriving rowing club and learning to row has had a lasting impact on the young people. Participants who chose to row competitively were able to develop a whole new set of skills. They benefited from dedicated development sessions from experienced leaders and coaches.

The Boat Race have been able to see the impact of supporting this dynamic organisation first hand. Members of Fulham Reach Boat Club attended several events throughout the season. They cited meeting The Boat Race students as the highlight of their season.

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